Mount Anville is a Sacred Heart Montessori Junior School for pupils from 2½ to 12 years. We cater for pupils from 8am to 5pm.

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Junior Department

The Junior Department (3rd to 6th Class) builds on skills and knowledge acquired in the Montessori Department. We aim to provide a broad, challenging curriculum that is pupil-centred, which encourages children to maximise their potential and fully develop their individual aptitudes.

We aspire to develop an understanding of the world in which they live, to respect the views of others and to live co-operatively within the school community. There is an emphasis on creative learning and active participation, allowing each child to work to her full potential.

As well as following the seven areas in the National Primary School Curriculum–Language (English and Gaeilge), Mathematics, SESE (Geography, History and Science), Arts Education, PE, SPHE and Religion - the children additionally have the opportunity to study ICT (Information and Communication Technology), French (5th and 6th) , Cookery (5th & 6th )and avail of specialist teaching in Music, Drama and Irish Dancing.

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